Title: Director, Human Resources

Division/Department: Human Resources

Location: Head Office, Vancouver, BC

Reports to: President

Date Prepared: Nov 2017


The Director, Human Resources optimizes the performance and engagement of people by providing strategic leadership, and directing an effective HR platform in support of the values, and the current and future objectives of the company.


  1. Build an exceptional company culture of employees that are engaged, inspired, and are committed to serve their clients by:

    • ​​Creating and implementing progressive HR programs and practices that exhibit the coportate values, and supporting a culture of respect and dignity;

    • Conducting internal investigations as required, including violations of the Respectful Workplace Policy; 

    • Planning and participating in various company philanthropic and charitable programs;

    • Managing employee communications and obtaining feedback about employee engagement; and

    • Managing the Exit Interview process and working with managers to create action plans that drive improved results.

  2. Formulate and implement a Talent Management system to optimize the performance of each employee and the organization by:

    • ​​Establishing superior quality recruitment and selection practices to find the best fit talent for the organization’s current and developing needs;

    • Partnering with leaders to define the resources and programs needed for employee learning and development;

    • Initiating ongoing goal setting and feedback practices in addition to overseeing the annual performance evaluation process;

    • Initiating employee career planning, talent assessment and effective succession planning; and

    • Leading competitive market research and overseeing a fair and competitive compensation, benefits and reward program.

  3. Design a Human Resources platform that is aligned with the overall business plan, objectives, and values of the organization by:

    • ​​Leading and defining the development of the HR department goals, objectives, and systems in alignment with the vision and overall business plans of the company;

    • Participating in quarterly Governance & HR Committee meetings;

    • Developing and monitoring the annual HR budget in a responsible and cost-effective manner; and

    • Tracking and analyzing HR metrics and communicating results to senior managers to identify areas of strength and improvement.

  4. Establish professional, fair, and effective human resources management by:

    • ​​Directing the vision, design, and implementation of HR policies, procedures, and programs;

    • Leading the company compliance with the latest legislation requirements (e.g. Employee Standards Act, Workplace Health & Safety, Human Rights Act, Privacy Act) and best industry practices; and

    • Leading and advising the company on the correct course of action to take when dealing with employee relation matters, terminations, breaches of company policy etc.

  5. Ensure the workplace structure is optimally designed for high performance by:

    • ​​Directing organizational planning regarding the structure of the organization and the design of jobs;

    • Acting as a business partner to the senior management and executive team – advising of significant issues and concerns and making recommendations; and

    • Working with senior managers to identify high performers and build retention and succession plans;

    • Planning, communicating and implementing effective change management practices.


  1. Dedicated, focused, and capable employees to meet Peterson’s current and future operation needs by:
    • Consistently demonstrating leadership to the team and actively engaging and motivating employees.

    • Ensuring that employees are being trained to meet the current and future needs of the organization in a planned manner; and 

    • Using Peterson’s people management systems (recruitment, training and development, communications, and performance management);

    • Ensuring that all staff respect Peterson’s policies and that supervisors receive training to implement them effectively and consistently;

    • Delegating the maximum amount of work, with trust and accountability, and optimizing the engagement and development of employees;

  2. A commendable reputation of Peterson in the business community and public by:

    • Respectfully and capably representing the best interests of Peterson in all internal and external dealings; and

    • Requiring the same standards from all staff in their internal and external dealings


  1. Exercises considerable judgment in advising clients;

  2. Accountable for the effective execution of full performance work and service of the department;

  3. Demonstrates initiative and resolves complex issues at the company level.


  1. The Director, Human Resources reports to the President 

  2. The Human Resources Generalist, and Payroll report to the Director, Human Resources


  1. Academic, technical and professional competence
    • Advanced proficiency with Microsoft Office.

    • Demonstrated broad knowledge of Canadian employment laws and practices;

    • Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR) designation preferred;

    • Completion of Bachelor's Degree (preferably in Human Resources or related field);

  2. Work Experience and Job Skills
    A demonstrated track record with a minimum of 5-7 years' experience:

    • ​​In a generalist capacity with hands-on experience and development of HR programs and practices in recruitment, selection, learning and development, compensation, benefits, employment law, organizational development, and performance management;

    • Actively participating in an executive or senior management team providing tactical and strategic direction;

    • Demonstrating organizational astuteness with superior influencing, collaboration and communication;

    • Demonstrating strong conflict resolutions skills and building successful relationships with people;

    • As a Change Agent, leading large change initiatives in a dynamic work environment;

    • Motivating, developing and providing direction to staff; and

    • Demonstrating sensitivity, objectivity, confidentiality and professionalism.

  3. Personal Aptitudes
    Demonstrates attributes consistent with the Petersons' Core Values

    • Relationships: We value and care about our relationships and treat everyone with dignity, respect and trust.

    • Integrity: We keep our promises and hold ourselves personally accountable for delivering on our commitments, acting with honesty and fairness.

    • Entrepreneurship: We continuously seek opportunities and challenge ourselves to find better ways of creating value.  We believe diverse approaches, opinions, and experiences contribute to better outcomes for our stakeholders

    • Gratitude: We are grateful for the opportunities we are given.  We support initiatives that affect positive change in our communities and value the skills, strengths and perspectives of our team 

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