September, 2017

Company Community

Adventures in the Greenhouse - Our Day at the Sharing Farm!

On what started as a rainy Friday in September, we put on our work boots and travelled to Richmond to the Sharing Farm, a four acre property located in Terra Nova Rural Park for a day of giving back to our local community. The Sharing Farm is run by community members for community members, and is dedicated to providing fresh, healthy, local produce to our less fortunate neighbours.  For this day of volunteering, our team of 19 were first put to work dismantling tomato plants from the greenhouse that had finished producing veggies for the growing season and then were tasked with prepping the soil for next year’s crop (aka digging out weeds and covering with compost).  For the second year, we were happy to be a part of the local community giving back and supporting our neighbours through a rewarding and fulfilling experience putting in some hard work among friends and co-workers.