August, 2016


Relearning Self-Sustainability with CNIB

Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB) is a charitable organization that provides support for people with blindness and visual impairment and teaches them how to participate in life without barriers.  Peterson welcomed representatives from CNIB to their office in August to hear about the work that they do.  It was remarkable to learn about the support they offer to people of all ages - from children to seniors.  In fact one in every 200 people suffer from blindness and many more suffer from various forms of visual impairment.

Peterson is honoured to support the work of CNIB through the purchase of DAISY players, digital talking books that connect to various types of media such as books, newspapers and magazines, that will be donated to visually impaired adults.  Peterson staff were very happy to help created tactile themed colouring sheets, made by tracing drawings with puffy paint that allow children to feel the shapes and colour in the objects and help build necessary sensory experiences and a strong foundation for future learning.

Visual impairment can happen to anyone and sometimes at the most unfair times.  We are glad that CNIB is there to support them.