January, 2018

Company Community

Richmond Food Bank Food Drive & Matching Campaign

The Richmond Food Bank serves over 2,200 people on average every week. 32% of their clients are children and 55% of clients are temporary users, most of whom are suffering through a crisis.  Throughout the month of December, we partnered with our local community to help our neighbours in need through our annual Peterson food drive and matching campaign.  With public cash donations of $12,000 and Peterson’s matching commitment donation of $10,000, our collective efforts resulted in $22,000 in cash donations to the Food Bank, as well as seven boxes of food items. In the New Year, the Food Bank picked up the food drive items in the high box van that we donated the funds for in May last year. The van has a large carrying capacity saving fuel and enabling the Food Bank to increase the donations that they are able to accept and distribute to their clients.