Volunteering at the Richmond Food Bank

On April 6th and 7th, Peterson employees had the rewarding opportunity to volunteer at the Richmond Food Bank. Many individuals and families living in Metro Vancouver face challenges to access healthy food whether because of working at a low-paying job, losing a job, suffering from an illness or disability, or homelessness. It is during these difficult times that the Richmond Food Bank consistently strives to provide individuals and families with food assistance and address the issue of poverty.

The Richmond Food Bank is a charismatic hub that connects people through food and services. To form a caring community, the Richmond Food Bank provides over 1,400 individuals with healthy and nutritionally-balanced food in a typical week. In addition to alleviating food insecurity, the organization also strives to advocate health-related support for community members who lack access to proper resources.

Peterson employees had a wonderful afternoon sorting cans and packaged foods into categories, stocking and organizing food onto shelves, and distributing the products to the Richmond residents in need. It was a heart-warming experience to be able to dedicate our time and efforts to contribute to the community.