Midtown Modern

630 East Broadway, Vancouver, BC

Vancouver, BC

Midtown Modern

630 East Broadway
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Midtown Modern

We partnered with Portliving on the development of Midtown Modern, a stylish, forward-thinking community in one of Vancouver’s best locations. With its crisp, clean lines and open-concept design, this complex brings a fresh perspective to the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood.

Studio B Architects brought to life Midtown Modern. They designed 50 contemporary homes that seamlessly integrate indoor and outdoor living. Every home has generous balcony space, stunning mountain views, energy-efficient appliances and artful interiors by Occupy  Design.

Residents of Midtown Modern couldn’t ask for a more vibrant, idyllic neighborhood. Mount Pleasant is home to the best restaurants, breweries and boutiques in the city and a place where you can quickly feel right at home.